School Choice = Tuition for College. See For Yourself

Get the facts by the numbers

$52 Thousand

Savings For College with School Choice

$14 Thousand

Annual Per Pupil Spending

$10 Thousand

*Average Annual Cost of Most Private Schools in CA (k-12)

$100 Billion

Annual California Spending on Public Education


The Kids Union is a Non-Profit dedicated to educating our citizens on the necessity of school choice. Our SOLE PURPOSE is to bring freedom of choice and opportunity for better educational outcomes to the K-16 students of CA , and then to the nation. What is School Choice? It simply means YOU have the choice of where to send your child to school. Your future wouldn’t be tied to a zipcode.

We have a revolutionary idea. An innovative solution that can not only drastically improve educational outcomes for our students…it can also pay for college. The concept is simple. *Most charter and private schools in California cost significantly less than their district counterparts. If students were allowed to attend these schools of their choice, the savings achieved could be used to finance a college trade or vocational school education.

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California spends almost half of its entire budget on education. Roughly 100 BillionSo why are we constantly told we are underfunded?


We have doubled our spending on education over the years. This is ON TOP OF enrollment and inflation increases.  Has it helped? Unfortunately no. There has been no improvement. 


Academically we rank almost dead last among 4th and 8th graders in the country (NAEP). Hey at least we are beating Mississippi right?


Annually, 1/5 of students will not graduate high school, and of those who do, 1/3 are considered “college ready”. Maybe that’s why we’re not getting into college!


In 2015, with so many students failing, LASUD lowered its passing grade for “AG” courses to a D.  D stands for determined right?


We removed the California Exit Exam because too many were failing it. Let’s see..if we wanted to raise the graduation rate to mask performance problems…what could we do?


The CTA and its affiliates have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat school choice and education reformsWhat if the loudest opponents of change were the ones making the most money from the system as it stands? That would be interesting wouldn’t it?


Teachers in California are granted tenure or “permanent employee status” after just 18 months. Do you have permanent employment at your job? We don’t either. 


In the last decade, only 22 out of 300,000 tenured teachers have been dismissed for poor performanceSo as California’s education system has descended to the bottom of the rankings, we have let go…two people a year. 


In the last 50 years, there has been a 700% increase in administrative positions relative to student growth. And there you have it…you discovered where all your tax dollars went. To adults. To bureaucracy. Not to children. 


If you’re not fed up after watching these SHORT videos, check your pulse. Trust us. It’s bad out there

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School Choice = Free College. 

See how school choice pays for college.

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School Choice is important to all students but especially for those with special needs.

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As bad as things are, you need to laugh. Classic Simpsons on the debate for school spending!

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Learn what the number one priority for the Teacher’s Union is. Power

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